Wellness Programs

When you help your employees stay healthy and happy, your company reaps the benefits in higher levels of productivity and a better bottom line.

But many business owners or professionals find they are too busy running their firm to run a successful wellness program. Increasingly, businesses throughout the Mid-Atlantic region are turning to Hilb Group for comprehensive employee benefits management and the highest quality customer service.

The best wellness programs assist employees and family members in making voluntary behavior changes that reduce their health risks and may offer opportunities or incentives for improving health and wellness, such as quitting smoking, managing chronic health conditions, losing weight, and increasing fitness.

Our team will guide you through the start-up process, addressing compliance with both state and federal laws. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA).

A wellness program that is professionally designed, managed, and measured can help your company reduce healthcare costs as well as workers’ compensation and disability claims; decrease the number of sick days, increase productivity, and create a better overall work atmosphere.

Consider the astronomical costs of treating just one employee who smokes throughout his life. In 2013, a study conducted by Ohio State University found that employing smokers costs organizations an average of $5,800 per year. In addition, the author of the study told Forbes magazine that based on his research and that of past studies, the cost per smoker can range anywhere from $2,885 to $10,125 per year.If you have smokers on your team, it’s in your best interest as well as theirs to help them quit.

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This is not just another seminar, Hilb Group makes every effort to provide a comfortable and enjoyable environment. The presenter’s are professional, knowledgeable and fun. These seminars are very interactive, we are able to share personal on the job experiences which keep it interesting. Presenter’s go above and beyond to answer questions, as well as follow up. I constantly use their reference materials in the office. The HRCI credits are just a bonus.

Maggie Fletcher, PHR, G.S. Precision

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