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Southern Maryland Insurance, Inc. has been successfully providing insurance to the Fire/EMS community for 25 years. Our staff is well trained, experienced, and thoroughly versed in all aspects of insuring and servicing the unique needs associated with the Fire/EMS service. We decided to partner with Emergency Services Insurance Program (ESIP) in order to expand our capability to meet the ever changing needs, requirements and expectations of our customers.


ESIP provides the most innovative and comprehensive insurance program available for the Fire/EMS industry today. The unique nature of coverage provided by ESIP is the result of years spent observing and analyzing fire departments, fire districts, rescue squads, and ambulance services throughout the United States. This intimate understanding of exposures faced on a daily basis by emergency service organizations has enabled the development of many specialized coverages and services.

ESIP is continually upgrading coverage and training programs to meet the ever changing needs of the Fire/EMS service. As such, ESIP is recognized as an innovative industry leader.

Recognizing the time challenges faced by volunteers, ESIP pioneered the development of an “ E-learning Program” to aide in the continuing education of Fire/EMS personnel. This program currently offers over 100 different education and training subjects which have been utilized by the U.S. Military and National Volunteer Fire Council.

We believe that proactive risk management is absolute to our mutual success. Claim prevention is our chief goal. We are actively engaged in this process and we coordinate training awareness sessions throughout the region using ESIP Seminar Series such as:

  • Various Fire/EMS Training and Development Programs (Request a copy of our Support Services Brochure here!)
  • Emergency Vehicle Driver Training
  • Emergency Service Risk Management
  • Loss Control Services
  • ESIP Technical Bulletins
  • Officer Development
  • Protecting Your Organization’s Finances
  • Internet Loss Control Assistance
  • Employee/Member Issue Hotline
  • Beneficiary Counseling Program
  • VIPER (Violence, Intervention, by Prevention for Emergency Responders)

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What our clients think of us…

Hilb Group allows us to do more with less and to remain compliant with the constantly changing regulatory environment. They’ve removed important yet time-consuming administrative tasks, such as payroll and employee benefits, from our daily operations, so we can concentrate on providing a quality learning experience.

Michael O’Donnell, CFO, Prospect Hill Academy

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