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Energy and Mining companies face many industry specific issues such as natural safety concerns, operational liabilities and intense regulatory pressures from state and federal agencies. In regards to mining, occupational Disease (black lung) is a difficult exposure that limits market placement. In additional unaddressed hazards such as subsidence, flooding, potential ground water contamination, well blowout risks, fracking risks, political risk, environmental exposures, property, general & excess liability and loss of business income can leave clients exposed to large claims.

We have an average of more than 30 years’ experience understanding these exposures and have solid relationships with underwriters, claims adjusters and loss control engineers to place even the toughest risks.

Service Highlights:

  • Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) Compliance Review
  • Crisis Management Coverage
  • Business Interruption Valuation/Extra Expense
  • Subsidence Identification Property Risk Assessments Flood Exposure Review
  • Critical Equipment and Spares Contingencies Impoundment Assessment
  • Contractors Certificates of Insurance Contract Review
  • Corporate Structure Analysis Limits/Benchmarking Environmental
  • Impairment Liability Permit and Reclamation Bonding
  • Workers Compensation Program Review and Structure-including class codes, audits and payroll
  • Control of Well / Operators Extra Expense
  • Energy “Package”
  • Downhole Tool Coverage
  • Oil Lease Property
  • Care, Custody & Control for third-party equipment
  • Rig PD
  • Drilling Permit Bonds
  • Plugging and Abandonment Bonds
  • Heavy Load Permit Bonds
  • Cargo
  • Builders Risk
  • Equipment Floaters

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What our clients think of us…

Hilb Group allows us to do more with less and to remain compliant with the constantly changing regulatory environment. They’ve removed important yet time-consuming administrative tasks, such as payroll and employee benefits, from our daily operations, so we can concentrate on providing a quality learning experience.

Michael O’Donnell, CFO, Prospect Hill Academy

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