Helping FGCs Get to Grips With Risk Requirements

Only a seasoned, experienced broker like Hilb Group is equipped to handle the unique risk exposures faced by federal government contractors (FGCs). With more than 50 FGC clients, 50 years of experience handling government contractors, and a role in the founding of the Patuxent Partnership and Southern Maryland Navy Alliance, we fully understand the enterprise risk profile of FGCs.

Your licensed Hilb Group broker will explain the Defense Base Act (DBA), foreign voluntary workers compensation, errors and omissions, travel accident insurance and government furnished equipment (GFE) exposures, and how the Defense Base Act applies to your company.

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What our clients think of us…

Hilb Group allows us to do more with less and to remain compliant with the constantly changing regulatory environment. They’ve removed important yet time-consuming administrative tasks, such as payroll and employee benefits, from our daily operations, so we can concentrate on providing a quality learning experience.

Michael O’Donnell, CFO, Prospect Hill Academy

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